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Go vegan with us for 21-days!
No Contracts or Monthly Commitments. Cancel Anytime with Advance Notice.
No Contracts or Monthly Commitments. Cancel Anytime.
 What’s Included in this Challenge:
  • THIS FULLYRAW VEGAN RECIPE E-BOOK WITH HELPFUL TIPS: This e-book is a complete 21-day guide with recipes and tools to help you achieve your goals successfully. This e-book contains more than 63 recipes—three key recipes for each of the twenty-one days. I’ve also included additional bonus recipes at the end of this book and even some dessert and sauce recipes too! The main 63 recipes are here for you to consume at a recommended minimum of three meals a day for each day. You will see the days organized for you. In addition, please always feel to adjust the recipes as you need and be creative with your taste buds and have a little fun too!
  • VEGAN FUSION RECIPE E-BOOK BY CASH & KRISTINA: This e-book contains 14 of Cash’s favorite cooked vegan recipes that have helped him in his transitional journey plus his tips to help you stay committed to the vegan lifestyle. In addition, there is a welcome letter from Cash, one bonus recipe, and a list of his favorite brands of vegan foods that will help you to make your meal prep easier.
  • FITNESS GUIDE E-BOOK: Cash and I are very excited to share our new fitness program with you, that not only includes a fitness e-book with 7 guided HIIT trainings, but also accompanying videos so that you can workout with us! The e-book is for you to keep with you at all times so that you can workout wherever you are on the go! The workouts are listed for you and explain exactly how to complete the circuits for the best physical results. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes.
  • DAILY FITNESS HIIT TRAINING VIDEOS: Completely new and never created before in a FullyRaw program, these HIIT training videos are one of a kind. You’ll get membership access to these 7 workout trainings as soon as you join the challenge. They are low impact, high-intensity exercises that anyone can do. We provide modifications for those who can’t do some of the movements. Cash and I demonstrate the exercises, and we work out along with you! These videos have set timers on them so that you can see how many circuits you are doing. You can repeat each video as many times as you wish to get the workout you desire and the results you want!
  • ​21 DAYS OF RECORDED DAILY ZOOM LIVES WITH CASH & KRISTINA [additional bonus on checkout page]: When you sign-up for the challenge, you will be given an option to join the private Inner Circle Facebook group. You will get to interact with other who are also on this challenge in a safe, supportive space and get to do Q&A’s with Cash & Kristina and receive coaching. Let’s build community! Please note: joining this group is an additional monthly fee.
  • FULLYRAW E-BOOK SHOPPING LIST: this is included in a separate PDF, organized by week as to make shopping for your raw food recipes easier for you.
  • VEGAN FUSION E-BOOK SHOPPING LIST: this is included in a separate PDF, organized in one complete list for you.
  • CHALLENGE INTRODUCTION VIDEO: This video tells you what to expect from the challenge and shares all the information to help prepare you before it starts. I highly recommend watching this video before you being your challenge to ensure that you have an amazing and fulfilling experience to get the results that you desire.
  • ​WEBINAR: Access to a pre-challenge webinar to make sure that you’re prepared. Questions for this webinar are collected on the FullyRaw Inner Circle Facebook Page, and Kristina will answer them directly.
  • ​​21 DAILY COACHING VIDEOS: Access to 21 exclusive daily motivational videos—one for each day of the challenge—to guide you through your journey. These are 10- to 20-minute daily videos that will cover several topics and help you to achieve the results you desire. These videos are here to help you gain support and to assist you in establishing long-term goals for yourself. 
  • ​​DAILY HOMEWORK & NOTES: There are daily notes and write-ups under each day’s motivational video in your membership portal. These notes cover all of the topics we discuss in the videos. As you watch and listen to your daily videos, you can also do the provided homework questions listed for you at the bottom of the page. The homework questions are typically more internally focused, so that you can do the inner work too.
  • ​​TWO POST-CHALLENGE BONUS VIDEOS: The first bonus video is by Kristina, where she guides you on how to transition out of the program successfully so that you can have long-standing results. The second video is a motivational video to encourage you on how to keep going when you want to give up.
 Benefits of This Health & Fitness Program:
  • This isn’t just a diet program, but it’s an ultimate guide to help you become the best version of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • ​If you’re tired of diets, then this program is for you because we teach you how to achieve HEALTH FREEDOM and set long-term goals for yourself. This is a way of life, not a trending diet.
  • If you’re nervous about trying to eat raw or vegan, don’t worry because we hold your hand every step along the way with daily videos, lives, emails, and more.
  • You will be eating an abundance of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables here, without deprivation or restriction of calories. 
  • Whether your goal is weight-loss, better digestion, clearer skin, better sleep, more energy, or muscle gain, we will help teach you the tools to not only experience results within these 21-days, but for the rest of your life!
  • This program helps you to build a strong foundation for yourself physically and mentally so that you can feel and radiate confidence.
  • You’ll learn how to eat raw vegan or vegan (plant-based diet) sustainably so that you can thrive, and also you’ll learn why this is beneficial not only for your health, but also to help save animal lives and to also benefit the planet.
  • You can choose to eat completely raw vegan or cooked vegan... or a fusion of both! You’ll have the ability to pick or mix your daily meals. We want you to have fun with this challenge!
  • Our daily fitness HIIT workout videos will help you to get in the best physical shape of your life! No matter what level of fitness you come from, we meet you where you’re at and help you to tailor this to your needs. Whether your goal is weight-loss or gaining muscle mass, you can achieve both depending on what you desire.
  • You get to personally interact with us (Cash & Kristina) everyday if you choose to join the Inner Circle Facebook Group!
5 e-Books Included Inside!
A Taste of the Raw Vegan Dishes...
A Taste of the Raw Vegan Dishes...
A Sneak Peak of the Epic Cooked Vegan Dishes...
Sneak Peaks of the Epic Cooked Vegan Dishes...
How To Access The Program
How To Access The Program
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    • Complete your Order and you’ll get an Email with your Login and Password
    Are you interested in eating healthier or changing your lifestyle in general? Kristina is a wealth of information! She has been on a healing journey as a Fully Raw Vegan for 14 years, and is impacting not only her local community, but also around the world. I’ve recently just returned from her Bali retreat, and it was everything I could have ever dreamed of experiencing. It was awesome to experience her community first hand. I’ve been loving her book and programs for years now, and I highly recommend them. She also has an amazing online community with tremendous support. Her challenges are and engaging, and the e-books are awesome. Kristina’s app is also extremely user-friendly, and not only gives you the recipe with accompanying videos, but also provides shopping lists for you that is easily available on your phone at the grocery store. Thank you Kristina for helping to inspire this healthy lifestyle!

    - Christine Gray
    Kristina‘s online challenges have really save my life! I have dealt with serious chronic illness and struggled to find food options that allowed my body to heal and feel light again. Participating in Kristina’s FullyRaw challenges has renewed my faith in food! Her recipes are so simple to create. When I started her smoothie challenge, my sister saw how much I loved the recipes (and how easy it was to prepare) and wanted to join me. I would be totally lost on my own trying to figure out a food plan without having had the success and reward from her recipes. Kristina has inspired me to understand eating health can be easy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

    - Amanda M.
    I am over the moon with the challenges Kristina creates. They are full of color, vibrancy and originality. The pictures are amazing and every recipe, fantastic! I love that she creates daily videos and addresses the issues we are all going through throughout the challenge. The inner circle is my new family and it is such a kind, loving and safe place to share our struggles, share our finds, share our every day lives with like-minded people. I am forever grateful for you, Kristina, for sharing this amazing lifestyle that anyone can follow, even be it only to have one raw meal a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    - Zen Lefevre
    My journey with Breast Cancer led me to the Raw Food Lifestyle in 2002, I was fully raw for almost two years then I went to a Vegan/Raw Lifestyle…Fast Forward to when Kristina started her journey on YouTube…I do not believe in coincidence, our paths were meant to cross..I have followed her ever since.. she understands that Being Raw is not a diet, but it is a Lifestyle that encompasses ALL.. including Mind, Body & Spirit…Kristina’s undying love and compassion for this Lifestyle and people is evident in everything she does…and is reflected in the members of the Inner Circle which I am very happy and proud to be a part of…Thank you Kristina for Everything!

    -Cindy Bowles
    My name is Andrea. I am 49 years old and I would describe myself as 100% vegetarian (since ‘07), 95% vegan, and 50% raw vegan. I strive to become 100% raw vegan because I believe the more I eat raw vegan meals, the more my health will improve. Since Alzheimer’s runs in my family, my personal goal is to break the cycle with diet and lifestyle. My biggest challenge is dining with others who are not vegetarian or vegan especially while attending workplace meetings, after hours events, or dining with family members. Kristina has shared plenty of tools, tips and delicious recipes which have really helped me navigate dining with others and increase the amount of fully raw meals I eat daily.

    I have followed Kristina for several years on social media, participated in several of her challenges and joined her in Bali for her first ever Fully Raw retreat. I have to say Kristina is a genuine down to earth person who has a passion for helping others. Kristina has a true talent for making amazingly delicious raw food recipes and helping others on their journey.

    I believe eating raw vegan is the pinnacle of healthy eating. Why not make the commitment to your health with Kristina’s full support? I highly recommend following Kristina on social media, signing up for her next Fully Raw Challenge, and joining her Inner Circle. Following Kristina has been the best decision I have ever made for my health!

    Andrea Perry
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